Come with Us to Make Payroll Easy and Efficient

How can payroll staff work more efficiently and more effectively to achieve the best performance?

Total payroll cost per employee per year is a vital performance measure!

According to a study of companies with annual revenues between $740 million and $127 billion, the first quartile companies are saving 3 times more a year in payroll cost than the vast majority of others.

The research, conducted by The Hackett Group, shows

  •  The businesses in the top-quartile spend an average of $117 per employee, while bottom quartile companies spend an average of $407 per employee on payroll - more than 300% differential .
  •  In first-quartile companies, an average of 715 employees are supported per payroll staff versus 208 (or less) employees per payroll staff in the bottom-quartile companies.

We believe efficiency is the key for success. The goal of this website is to provide multiple ways and tools, as well as information about the best payroll procedures and controls to help businesses achieve the first quartile results. Mastering the best practices will give great help to finding the optimal balance between the cost of payroll and the level of services provided to employers.

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