Come with Us to Make Payroll Easy and Efficient

Looking for a solution to calculate hours worked by hourly employees?

Payroll leaders are saying "Let's first stop doing it if we can, then let's do it on an exception basis, and third, let's start standardizing and automatically calculating hours worked." A company with hundreds of employees requiring hourly wage calculation could potentially bring this number down to tens. This will reduce errors significantly.

Keeping track of employee hours manually by collecting employee time cards and talking to supervisors for missing or excessive hours can be tedious and time-consuming. It can also lead to human error and time theft. Errors usually won’t be found until after the employees get paid and it will require an immediate adjustment.

Automated tracking systems with Bar-coded or biometric time clocks are common solutions which accumulate hours automatically. When an employee swipes a uniquely identified card, the computerized clock instantly gets the information such as employee's identification number, the date and time and sends it to the payroll department's computer which will automatically calculate the hours worked. The bar-coded time clocks represent an excellent improvement in speed and accuracy. However, it is possible for some employees to be paid even if they are not on-site at all, which we call it "buddy punching". Using a biometric time clock instead will completely eliminate even a remote possibility of "Buddy-Punching" because it reads fingerprints of a human being rather than a card.

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