Come with Us to Make Payroll Easy and Efficient

Why do payroll clerks, check signers and distributors have to spend a lot of time on payroll checks?

Issuing paychecks involves the following 5 steps:

1. Print paychecks.

2. Sign each check by authorized signer.

3. Stuff checks into envelopes and sort by certain way.

4. Distribute or post checks.

5. Every time a payroll check is lost or stolen, a clerk must submit a stop-payment order and issue a new check.

The best solution is direct deposit which can eliminate step 1, 2, 4 and 5 completely. You may still need to send pay stubs to employees so that they know the details of what they get paid or they can receive electronic pay stubs by email and print them out by themselves. As you can see, payroll processes can be completely paper-free. Direct deposit has been proven to be safe, confidential and fast. It poses rare problems and it benefits both employers and employees. More than 95% employees are satisfied with direct deposit and more than 80% large companies (100+ employees) use direct deposit. You may mandate all employees to use direct deposit but please check your state law before implementing this best practice as it may not be allowed by local laws.

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