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Five Reasons to be Thankful for the IRS

We enjoy many rights and privileges as Americans. But responsibilities like paying taxes go hand-in-hand with them. Tax revenue is the grease that makes the wheels of our country turn (relatively) smoothly. If you are in a situation where you're being audited, being held accountable for back taxes , unfiled returns or other collection-related problems, you may be particularly grateful for Reason #5 below. While it may provide little solace to those struggling with tax debt in the slowly rebounding economy, in the spirit of the holidays we have put together our top reasons to be thankful for the IRS.

Reason #1 : They do the dirty job of collecting the funds that keep our country's boat afloat. Pity the taxman. Universally reviled, they have the daunting and thankless task of separating an extremely unwilling citizenry from their money for the sake of maintaining the state.

There are countless examples of hated tax collectors throughout religion and history. Two of the best known are: the Bible's Zacchaeus, who was so hated by his neighbors that he had to shimmy up a tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus; and the Robin Hood era's Prince John who raised taxes 11 times in 17 years, the last two times doubling them (he is also responsible for instituting the first income tax).

Being a tax auditor or collector is a job that very few people willingly take on. Nonetheless, the government has given the IRS a record enforcement budget and added 2,000 new agents to the IRS payroll to assess (audit) and collect back taxes. If you find yourself in their cross-hairs, you'll need the expert tax help from an expert tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

Reason #2 : They don't execute you if you cheat on your taxes. Benjamin Franklin once opined, "Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." If you're convicted of tax evasion in the People's Republic of China, you'll get both.

The potential penalties for owing back taxes in this country and not playing ball with Uncle Sam severe and can be debilitating, but they are not fatal. If you find yourself threatened with debilitating liens, levies or possible prison time and are in need of help resolving your back taxes and other collection-related problems, you'll need a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to get you swift and permanent tax relief.

Reason #3: While the system is strict, it is fair.

Yeah, we know there are exceptions. But for the most part, when it comes to tax penalties and procedures, the IRS allows for an astonishing amount of flexibility. You can redress grievances, submit a new return, appeal a ruling, even go to tax court, etc.

But this is not a landmine field you want to navigate without a specialized tax relief professional who knows every danger to avoid. You need an experienced back tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to help you navigate the thousands of pages of existing tax code and protect your rights as a taxpayer. Seekingtax relief with an expert at your side will significantly improve your chances of a more favorable outcome.

Reason #4: The IRS is easier to deal with than other countries' revenue collecting agencies. In summer 2009, the five-year long battle between Australian "Crocodile Dundee" actor Paul Hogan and the Australian Taxation Office came to a head. It is a complex story, but the bottom line is that Hogan resented what he considered to be the ATO´s attempt at double-dipping. In 2008, while living in California, he publicly taunted in the press that the ATO should try to, "Come and get me, you miserable bastards."

Last summer Hogan´s 101-year old mother died and he quietly slipped back into the country for her funeral. Unfortunately, Australian authorities caught up with him and refused to let him return home to Los Angeles. They eventually relented after a storm of negative publicity. This prompted Hogan to utter a historical first, "The IRS are gentlemen compared to our lot."

If you owe back taxes or have unfiled tax returns, the best thing to do is to be proactive about resolving your back tax problems with the help of a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. Don't mistake your chances of getting caught by your state or federal taxing authority: You can run, but you can't hide.

Reason #5: You don't have to go it alone. You are not required to have one single interaction with the IRS. If you find yourself in need of back tax relief you can pick up the phone and hire an expert tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to handle all communications and correspondence with the IRS for you.

A tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist will tell you that there is a solution to every tax problem. It may not be the one you are hoping for (like riding off into the sunset scot-free), but they can provide vitaltax help for preventing or halting debilitating IRS collection tactics while helping you preserve your finances to the greatest degree possible.

For more information on achieving a tax resolution for your IRS problems, visit for a free tax relief consultation or call 888-851-5894.

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