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Important Role of a Payroll Accountant in An Organization

Payroll accountancy is one of the most essential accounting functions within an organization that demands unique set of skills for the management of payrolls of the company. A Payroll Accountant is responsible for balancing accounts within a company\'s accounting system, preparing accounting documents, schedules and summaries, and managing wages, salaries, and other remunerations that the company offers to its employees whether past or present. A public accountant is responsible for managing the payrolls of its employees in a flawless manner. He will be responsible for assessing the need for new accounts, will advise payroll staff on the treatment of complex transaction and perform internal audits.

The role of Payroll Accountants covers a wide range of tasks that are essential for timely, accurate and efficient payroll operations abiding by federal, state and local laws. Payroll Accountants need to have a comprehensive understanding of fundamental tasks, such as paycheck calculations, taxation principles, preparing ledgers and journals, transfers and journal entries and deposits. Payroll Accountants is responsible for appropriate disbursement of funds, maintaining and updating employee leave balance information.

Companies also offer benefit packages to attract prospective talents to work for the company. These packages could be in the form of insurance coverage, paid vacations or the ownership of the part of the company\'s stocks. Often companies might be offering some fringe benefits like the pension schemes or some special packages for the people who have been members of the company.  The role of a payroll accountant is to make sure that the account books are well maintained and the money reaches the right people.

Apart from that, he might be responsible for solving queries of the employees regarding their salaries and other monetary benefits like bonuses. He should be familiar with plans that are meant for the employees. A payroll accountant should have sound knowledge of more complex topics such as Benefits Taxation, Payroll Laws, Payroll Policies and Procedures, Preparing Financial Statements, Preparing Payroll Reports, Perform Periodic Internal Payroll Audits and Prepare Documents for External and Internal Auditors.

So it is very important that the person who has been entrusted with the job of payroll accountant is honest and of good moral conduct.

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