Come with Us to Make Payroll Easy and Efficient

How can employees get payroll forms or access deduction data without interrupting payroll clerk's work?

Often there are needs for employees to change payroll deduction or pension plans. When they come to a payroll clerk to acquire such forms, the payroll staff has to explain to them the effect of any deduction changes they will make. Once the forms are done, the clerk must enter the changes to the payroll database. It’s another time-consuming task for payroll staff.

A better solution is letting employees have direct access to payroll forms and deduction data so that they can download the forms such as additional W-2 forms (in the USA). They can enter whatever they want to change to the deductions except garnishments and compare the impact of their net pay to the original one. The employees have full responsibility for determining the changes or any mistakes. You can achieve this through your Intranet. It will eliminate all the surprises when employees get the paychecks because they have previewed the results. This is the best practice you can employ to reduce the work load of your payroll staff. If an employee makes any incorrect entries, he/she can easily correct it by himself/herself.

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