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Payroll Outsourcing Meets High Tech: Paying Employees Online

One of the hottest trends in the outsourcing field is online payroll processing. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can have a payroll processing company available to you at all times. You can even print your paychecks from your desktop computer once you have given all of the information to the payroll outsourcing company to prepare the checks.

These advantages, convenience and professional support, have made online payroll processing a very attractive alternative for businesses. These companies will set up all of the information for proper processing of you payroll.

A company manager can input employee information at any time and the information is stored. Only when the information is transmitted to the payroll outsourcing company will the payroll be processed. This means that changes such as new employee, address changes, etc. can be entered when they are received instead of all information having to be keyed in at the busy time when payroll is being prepared. It is recommended that a separate computer system is used for this purpose to avoid security risks.

It is easy to understand why web based payroll processing by outsourcing has become so popular. A company has the choice of going directly to the providers website and inputting all the necessary data, and the payroll processing company then does all of the calculations. Since the security of this sensitive data is so important, secure socket layer encryption is used to prevent anyone else from accessing or changing the data. These secure data centers have multiple firewalls for safety. Alternately, the company can store all of the information on its own computer and then transmit that information to the payroll processing company when the payroll date approaches.

Another distinct advantage of online payroll outsourcing is that it virtually guarantees that payroll taxes will be paid on time. Companies can also more readily supply credit information for an employee because this can be done directly with the bank. A company considering online payroll outsourcing should research the available options and make sure they choose the outsourcing company that will give them quick, accurate results while providing top notch customer support.

A really big benefit, however, is the ability to rely on accurate accounting reports and not have to be concerned with audit problems or sarbanes oxley. Outsourcing will take the risk off of your company and put it on the outsourcing company (check your contract). When it comes to audit and sarbanes oxley (if your company happens to be public), you do not want to fool around at all.

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