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Programs and Courses for Careers in Accounting and Payroll Administration

For those that are good with numbers and are looking for a highly lucrative career, Accounting and Payroll Administration might be the right path for you. Accountants and Payroll Administrators hold highly responsible positions in the companies they work for and need a variety of specialized skills, including auditing, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance knowledge, etc.

The accounting programs available today range from full Master's degrees to Associates degrees, to certificate programs. In 2005, accountants were the most in-demand of all college graduates, with beginning Accountants with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting earning an average of $44,000 annually, and experience Accountants for large corporations earning about $75,000-80,000. In addition to a career as a certified Accountant, there are a variety of options for those interested in working in the financial field without a Bachelor's Degree, and there are programs and courses available for each. One of the more popular training programs available is the Accounting and Payroll Administrator Program.

Accounting and Payroll Administration

Unfortunately, in order to work as a certified Accountant, one must at least have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Still, there are many opportunities in the lucrative accounting and payroll administration field for those who are willing to take a few short courses. These job opportunities include but are not limited to:
- Payroll Administrator or Manger
- Payroll Coordinator
- Payroll Clerk or Assistant
- Accounting Analyst
- Bookkeeper
- Administrative Assistant
- Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
- Credit Officer
- Leasing Consultant
- Benefits Coordinator
- Collections Officer

Many of these highly responsible positions are quite lucrative, and provide a good basis for career advancement. The best way to obtain this type of accounting or payroll administration position is to sign up for a career training program.

Career Training Programs

There are a variety of Accounting career training programs available, both on the web and in a classroom setting. Most Accounting and Payroll Administration courses take anywhere from 8-12 months, and will teach you all you need to know to begin your accounting career. This includes basic training in payroll and tax compliance theory, overviews of accounting-related computer programs and an idea of debits and credits.

In addition to basic theories, Accounting and Payroll Administration programs are specially designed to give you the specialized skills for an accounting career, as well. Many even include an internship or practicum intended to give you the final skills you will need to be a success in your chosen career. Others specifically offer a Payroll Management Certification program, which is an attractive bonus for potential employers.

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