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When is it Time to Outsource Your Payroll?

More than likely, if you are a small business that is spending more time resolving payroll issues than working on your own business, it’s probably time that you invested in a little outside help. More than basic payroll, outsourced payroll companies provide a lot more than just paychecks to employees

Less Expensive Than You Think

Because your bottom line means everything, the thought of outsourcing payroll may seem like an expensive option verses doing payroll in-house but that’s not really the case. When you outsource your payroll, you have less employees, which means less employees to pay, give insurance to and find space for. Plus an outsourced payroll will reduce fees, fines and most likely create fewer errors. Think of some other things that cost money, you won’t have to worry about, like office expense of extra paper, stamps, envelopes, computers and expensive payroll software.

5 Surefire Signs That You Should Outsource Payroll

1. You want to offer health benefits and a 401k plan to your employees but can’t afford to do it.

2. Legal issues related to payroll, certified payroll, workers’ comp and business taxes are not your strong suit.

3. You make time doing payroll while eating lunch, at 2 in the morning or wait until the last minute and just let the late payments build up.

4. Or you spend more time working on payroll issues than your own business- the reason you started all of this in the first place.

5. You would have to hire another person just to handle all of your payroll and human resource

Outsourced payroll companies can provide great benefit and human resource solutions for your employees because they are able to act like a huge company and get great rates for benefit and 401k plans and then pass them onto your business and your employees. When you outsource your payroll, several of your small business concerns suddenly melt away. Give the benefits you were unable to provide to your staff, give yourself time and piece of mind to focus on your business and leave the paperwork to the pros!

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About the author:Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about Certified Payroll, go to Human Capital Strategies.

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